General terms & conditions

All orders must be placed in our online B2B webshop. By
placing an order you agree on our terms and conditions.
Please remember to keep your contact information
updated on your profile. Orders will be shipped to the given
address. For clients in the EU please provide us with your
Vat Number. Without this we can’t process your order. If
you want guidance in how to manage your profile, you are
welcome to contact our sales representative or the main
office at [email protected].

We ask you to create a stock of our products. The minimum
first order amount is 500,- excl. VAT.

Re-orders from 250,- excl. VAT

The estimated processing period is between 1-7 workdays.
As soon as the order is sent you will receive an email with
a track & trace code.

Prices are shown in Euro excluding VAT. VAT will only be
charged to customers from the Netherlands or customers
without a valid VAT number. Shipping or handling will be
charged separately if applicable.

The payment terms will be noted on the invoice. Payments
must be made within the announced timeframe. For the
first order, all products will be sent after full pre-payment
of the invoice. You will be emailed the invoice and goods
will be held for 21 days pending payment. Please note that
we only hold limited stock so all orders will be held for a
maximum of 21 days before being reallocated to another
stockist. The following orders will come with an invoice
with a payment term of 14 days. We only accept bank wire
transfers. We do not accept bank checks or credit cards. We
accept only full payments. Any additional bank costs are for
your own charge.

In case of late payment, All the Luck in the World Studio
is competent to dissolve the agreement with immediate
effect or to suspend any (further) delivery until the buyer
complies with his commitments, including payment of the
due interests and costs.

When you have received your order confirmation, you
have 2 days to make an objection about the items ordered.
Hereafter, the agreement will be binding. The order
confirmation will be sent to the email address you are
registered with on your webshop profile. In the case that we
do not receive any written objections from you within the 2
day time frame, we consider the purchase accepted by you.

All goods and invoices must be checked on arrival.
All shortages, incorrect or damaged goods must be notified
to us within 2 days after receiving the order, otherwise
claims will not be recognized.
When receiving the products, it is your own responsibility
to check for correct amount and quality.
Damages to delivered products that are returned by
customers of the customer can only be returned with
agreement of All the Luck in the World Studio. We offer
a 1 month warranty from purchase date at retailer. In
extraordinary cases, exceptions can be made in consultation
with our sales representative.
In order to resolve the complaint as well and as soon as
possible, please follow the procedure below.
Send an email to our representative via wholesale@
alltheluckintheworld.nl. Mention the following information:
Productname (SKU), description of complaint, purchase
date and photo(s) of the defect.
After receiving the email a solution will be taken in the
individual situation, for example exchange, repair or credit.
Shipping costs after a repair or replacement request, after
the customer has worn the article, are at the expense of
the retailer. Shipment costs for a return shipment after a
warranty request or a repair request (for defects occurring
after the buyer has used the product), will be borne by the
Please note that any damages due to incorrect handling,
water damage or regular wear will not be credited.

You are only authorised to sell through the retail store that
you listed on your initial application to All the Luck in the
World Studio at the address given. Secondary stores must
receive prior approval. Website and online sales must have
prior approval by All the Luck in the World Studio.
We ask you to respect our retail prices, in this way we try to
maintain similar retail prices at all of our selling points. It is
not allowed to offer the products below our recommended
retail price. Promotions and discounts on All the Luck in the
World Studio collections is only allowed with agreement of
All the Luck in the World Studio. It is forbidden to add our
products to your sale.
Because of the market segment in which we sell our
products, it is forbidden to offer our products on online
webshops and market platforms such as Ebay, Bol.com,
Amazon or similar websites of a third party.
Exclusivity is determined on a case-by-case basis and is
dependent on your store location as well as the regularity
and quantity of ordering. We are very careful not to over
expose our line in a given shop area, and our diverse
range of offerings allows us to offer each store a unique
assortment geared towards your location and customers.

We are happy to provide images to promote the label for
the use on websites and any social media. Please note that
these images are still solely owned by All the Luck in the
World Studio and both companies are to agree on usage.
We are also in agreement of you using your own creative
images. We request to be tagged in any/all instagram
pictures with our handle @alltheluckintheworld and use


Download as PDF.

ARTICLE 1 – Definitions 2
ARTICLE 2 – The Entrepreneur’s identity 2
ARTICLE 3 – Applicability 2
ARTICLE 4 – The offer 3
ARTICLE 5 – The contract 3
ARTICLE 6 – Right of withdrawal 4
ARTICLE 7 – Costs in case of withdrawal 4
ARTICLE 8 – Exclusion of the right of withdrawal 5
ARTICLE 9 – The price 5
ARTICLE 10 – Conformity and Guarantee 5
ARTICLE 11 – Delivery and execution 6
ARTICLE 12 – Termcontracts: duration, termination and renewal 6
ARTICLE 13 – Payment 7
ARTICLE 14 – Complaints procedure 7
ARTICLE 15 – Disputes 8
ARTICLE 16 – Additional or varying provisions 8

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