All the Luck in the World Souvenir Goldplated Earring Eagle

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Product description

The Souvenir Goldplated Earring Eagle is made from Goldplated high-quality brass. For more information about the materials, clickhere. This beautiful earring is part of ourSouvenir collection. This collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets is the perfect recipe for a wild child, find your spirit animal, be your true self and be happy. Don’t take life too seriously and enjoy it to the fullest. Our favorite thing to do in the whole world? Going on adventures, discovering new places, and making memories, so collect those little souvenirs and add them to your own collection. 


  • Material: Goldplated brass
  • Also available in: Silverplated
  • Dimensions: 
    • Measurements ring: 1 cm (0,2 cm diameter)
    • Measurements charm: 1,3 cm high, 1,2 cm wide


At All the Luck in the World we design stylish, high-quality products that are suitable for everyone. Because we believe that our products are timeless and can always be worn, our jewelry is made with care from premium materials such as gold - or silver-plated brass, sterling silver, gemstones, and zirconia crystals. Because our jewelry is handmade, the pieces vary in shape, size, and color. If you take good care of it you can wear it for many years! Click here for tips and tricks you can use to keep your jewelry looking brand new.

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